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Where can asbestos be found

Typical Locations and Applications using Asbestos

Asbestos was, and still is, a wonder material with no equal; it was cheap, light, plentiful, water resistant, would improve the properties of other materials and could be made into so many shapes and products. The only problem was when we started to find out how toxic only small quantities and individual fibres of asbestos could be.
Note: This list is not exhaustive

  • Loose fibre in loft spaces
  • Quilts around heaters and hot water vessels
  • Sprayed as fire protective coating onto girders and beams
  • Sprayed onto ceilings as a decorative coating (Artex used to contain asbestos)
  • Sprayed onto walls and ceilings as insulation
  • Sprayed onto the underside of floors
  • Acoustic panelling
  • Ceiling tiles
  • Fire breaks in roof spaces
  • Fire resistant panelling inside doors
  • Staircases and lift shafts
  • Stud partitioning, both the fibre panel and loose pack inside the void
  • Thermal insulation around pipes and boilers
  • Flue pipes and chimneys
  • Pre-formed pipe sections and slabs of insulation
  • Tapes and ropes used as gaskets in boilers and heaters
  • Soffit and barge boards on roofs
  • Electrical insulation cabinets
  • Panels between boilers / heaters and floors and walls
  • Fire blankets, gloves and aprons
  • Plastic floor tiles
  • Clutch and brake systems
  • Toilet cisterns and toilet seats
  • Damp proof membranes
  • Bitumen sealants and adhesives
  • Radiator gaskets
  • Flat and corrugated roof and wall panelling, gutters and down pipes
  • Decorative panelling and worktops, bath panels, draining boards
  • Fire / Storage heater surrounds
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