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Asbestos Surveying Limited: independent, professional asbestos surveyors

Types of Surveys offerd by Asbestos Surveying Limited - independent, professional asbestos surveyors

There are 3 types of survey for asbestos that can be carried out, depending on the requirement.

  •  Type 1 Basic location and assessment asbestos survey which will give a general indication if there are any asbestos materials within the property. No samples are taken to determine whether materials are or are not asbestos so presumptions are therefore necessary.

  •  Type 2 Standard sampling, identification and assessment survey. Small samples of all materials that are likely to contain asbestos are taken in a non- destructive manner from all reasonably accessible areas. Samples are sent to accredited scientific laboratories for testing and they produce a report on the asbestos content of the samples.

  •  Type 3 Full access, sampling and identification survey that will include intrusion into sealed voids, under floors, in ducts and enclosed spaces and all other more inaccessible areas. This type of survey is recommended before building works take place or demolition.

Domestic Property Surveys

The requirement for an asbestos survey is on the increase for home owners wanting peace of mind that their property is a safe place to live, as well as from solicitors managing sales and from mortgage lending institutions requiring a survey as part of their lending criteria.

ASL can offer a speedy and cost efficient service for home owners or prospective purchasers requiring a full home asbestos survey.


Formal Asbestos Surveys are required to be carried out in accordance the guidelines for Surveying, Sampling and Assessment of Asbestos Containing Material in The Health and Safety Executive’s Methods of the Determination of Hazardous Substances (MDHS) guidance document No. 100 (MDHS 100).

ASL have been trained under the UK National Asbestos Training and Accreditation Scheme and accredited by BOHS to undertake all types of these asbestos surveys and ASL’s work is regularly monitored by them.

The location, condition and extent of all Asbestos Containing Materials (ACMs) and suspected asbestos containing materials identified during the asbestos survey are recorded in the form of an Asbestos Register. It is a mandatory HSE requirement to have such a document, which is auditable along with normal H&SW documentation. Confirmation of asbestos content obtained through sampling is added to the Asbestos Register. See DELIVERABLES for the list of quality Documentation that ASL provide as part of the service.

Health and Safety during surveys

Work during surveys frequently involves working close to, or with, asbestos. During inspection and sampling, the area is cordoned off and possible fibre release is minimised to ensure the safety of the surveyors and the building’s users or occupiers.

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