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Asbestos Surveying Limited: independent, professional asbestos surveyors

About Asbestos Surveying Limited: independent, professional asbestos surveyors

Quality Assurance

As a Limited Company - Company Registered No. 5130644 - ASL is committed to operating to the highest Quality Assurance Standards. ASL is organised and operates to the standards defined in ISO 9000

All ASL Asbestos operatives are fully certified in accordance with the HSE and hold British Occupational Hygiene Society (BOHS) to a minimum standard of BOHS P402 (Buildings Surveys and Bulk Sampling for Asbestos (including Risk Assessment and Risk Management Strategies) Proficiency Module.

ASL’s Operating Methodology is available to Clients upon request.


ASL uphold the highest standards of business ethics and only employ surveyors with the highest personal integrity. Should the Client require, ASL have staff with Ministry of Defence Positive Vetting clearance to level SECRET and official connections with UK Police Forces.


You will just be wasting your money and possibly still be breaking the law. All ASL Asbestos Operatives are fully trained and fully certified in accordance with the HSE and hold National General Certificates.
Refer to the HSE’s improvement and prohibition database for peace of mind. Under Indemnity Insurance

Jobs Undertaken

  • Explosives Factory
  • Doctor’s Surgery
  • Royal Mail Refurbishment
  • Radar Establishment
  • ROSPA storage facility
  • Logistics Warehousing
  • Care Home

What people have said about ASL:

"A very quick and efficient service and an excellent quality report and register"
SM, General Manager, Chez Moi Restaurants, Birmingham

"ASL provided a thorough and professional service, with a well presented report"
MB, Senior Project Manager, Davis Langdon LLP

ASL aim to provide Clients not only with day-to-day advice on the management of asbestos but also to forge a partnership with Clients to provide them with regular consultation and updates on all aspects of asbestos awareness.

Indemnity Insurance

ASL is fully covered by Professional Indemnity Insurance as follows:

Policy Number SC1919X060VR/3544

Underwritten By: Markel 702 ( UK) Ltd

Indemnity Limit £1,000,000 (in any one claim)

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