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Where can asbestos be found?

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About Us

Asbestos Surveying Limited (ASL) is an independent, friendly and professional company of asbestos surveyors that provide a complete service for businesses and non-domestic organisations to comply with current legislation. Would you like a no obligation quotation for a commercial asbestos survey?.

Even though it is not a legal requirement to have a survey undertaken in the home, ASL do carry out domestic asbestos surveys for homeowners looking for peace of mind and lending institutions / banks etc. requiring one as part of their Home Information Pack. Alternatively, for those who suspect they have small quantities of asbestos and just need a sample taken of low risk products such as artex and floor tiles, we have introduced a simple, safe, DIY sampling kit called AsbestoKit.

If you suspect that products such as pipe lagging or insulation board may contain asbestos, please ask for a qualified asbestos surveyor to come and test them for you. Call 07811 199947 for a quotation.

Asbestos is a killer

Asbestos was only fully banned from use in 1999, so if your premises were built or refurbished before then, there is a possibility that asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) could be present. Refurbishments after 1999 and work using imported materials could also contain ACMs.

Changes to the Law

The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2006 came into force on 13 November 2006 (Asbestos Regulations - SI 2006/2739).

These Regulations bring together the three previous sets of Regulations covering the prohibition of asbestos, the control of asbestos at work and asbestos licensing.

The Asbestos Regulations cover the ‘duty to manage’ asbestos in non-domestic premises by owners and managers etc. Landlords also have a Duty of Care to ensure that asbestos is managed in their properties, especially in communal areas. There is currently no law that requires home owners to manage asbestos in their homes, however, if you do have some, for the safety of your health, correct management is essential.

ASL Can Help

Asbestos Surveying Ltd can help ensure that you understand and meet your legal obligations and fulfil your legal duty to protect employees, tenants, users and the public against the dangers of asbestos. An ASL Survey will give you confidence that your premises are a safer place, provide you with your mandatory documentation and also ensure that you comply with COSHH Law and HSE Guidelines for when you are audited by them.

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